Edith Garot (MCF, PhD)

Maître de conférences (Dr.)
Université de La Réunion, 117 rue du général Ailleret, 97430 Le Tampon
UMR PVMBT (Peuplements Végétaux et Bioagresseurs en Milieu Tropical)

Research interests

I am interested in understanding how plant adapt to biotic and abiotic constraints of their environment and I mainly focused on cultivated and wild tropical plants. During my PhD, I studied the dynamics of genetic diversity in a forest tree endemic to Reunion Island (Coffea mauritiana). I more precisely examine the patterns of genetic diversity of the species and identify the main drivers of population divergences. I also uncovered the demographic history of the species, using two different methods of modelisation, and I identified the past ecological disturbances associated with population size variations. Finally, I also searched for leaf adaptive traits in C. mauritiana using a multi-approach analysis considering genomic, transcriptomic and phenotypic data.

I next joined BASE team (UMR GQE) to strengthen my skills in biostatistics while working on the impact of environmental factors on plant morphology and phenology.

In 2020 I joined UMR PVBMT (team “Diversité et utilisation durable des ressources génétiques végétales en milieu tropical”). I am currently involved in research programs studying genetic diversity and local adaptation in plants endemic to Reunion Island.

Key-words : population genomics, plant adaptation, crops




  • Garot E, Dussert S, Domergue F, Joët T, Fock-Bastide I, Combes M-C, et al. (2020). Multi-approach Analysis Reveals Local Adaptation in a Widespread Forest Tree of Reunion Island. Plant Cell Physiol: pcaa160.
  • Garot E, Joët T, Combes M-C, Lashermes P (2019). Genetic diversity and population divergences of an indigenous tree (Coffea mauritiana) in Reunion Island: role of climatic and geographical factors. Heredity 122: 833–847.
  • Garot E, Joët T, Combes M-C, Severac D, Lashermes P (2019). Plant population dynamics on oceanic islands during the Late Quaternary climate changes: genetic evidence from a tree species (Coffea mauritiana) in Reunion Island. New Phytol 224: 974–986.

Teaching activities

I am principally involved in the teaching of plant biology, ecology and biostatistics at licence and master levels at Université de La Réunion.
Licence Génie Civil :

Description et protection du vivant (L1)

Ecologie générale (L2)

Cycle de vie et reproduction (L2)

Master BEST-T :

Écologie évolutive tropicale terrestre en milieu insulaire (M1)

Ecologie numérique (M1)

Ecological Data Analysis (M1)

Field School (M1)

Analyse de données et modélisation (M2)

Position and academic records

Since Sept. 2020Assistant professor, University of Reunion Island, UMR PVBMT, La Réunion
2020Post-doctoral position, INRAE, UMR GQE-Le Moulon, BASE team, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
 Deciphering genotype × environment interactions in maize inbreed lines Project Warm Rules, funded by DATA IA Institue of Convergence.
 Supervisors : C. Dillmann and E. Marchadier
2019PhD, UMR DIADE, IRD, University of Montpellier.
 Dynamics of genetic diversity in insular territories : genetic structure, demographic history and local adaptation of a tree (Coffea mauritiana Lam.) endemic to Reunion Island.
 Supervisor : Philippe Lashermes.
2016MSc in Engineering - Agricultural and agronomy engineering, Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes (formerly École Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Rennes)
 Specialisation : Plant production Plant breeding